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Mrs. Robino’s

About us

Mrs. Robino’s

Mrs. Robino's Restaurant is a family-owned and operated restaurant that has served Italian specialties in the Delaware community since 1940. Using traditional recipes and fresh ingredients, Mrs. Robino's offers a wide variety of Italian classics, including homemade spaghetti, ravioli, meatballs, and more. The care for what we do, our timeless recipes, and our dedicated staff make Mrs. Robino’s Restaurant a destination that has kept generations of customers coming back. 

Join our Italian family for a dining experience you'll never forget!

Mrs. Robino's is Zagat-rated and has won both Best of Delaware and the News Journals Reader's choice awards.

The History of Robino's Restaurant

Mrs. Robino's Restaurant has been a Delaware tradition since 1940. It began in a small house at 1903 Howland Street in Wilmington when Mrs. Tersilla Robino began serving Italian immigrants at three tables in her kitchen in 1939. Her ability to prepare fresh pasta, Italian food, and sauces earned her a great reputation in the community. Soon she had people waiting outside her home to be served one of her meals. Because of her popularity, Mrs. Robino decided to open a restaurant! She purchased a building in 1940 at 520 North Union Street where Mrs. Robino's is located today.

The building she purchased now serves as the entrance, original dining room, and kitchen area of the restaurant. There are many original features of the one-room restaurant today as well as photographs of Mrs. Robino's family members and friends. When Tresilla passed away in 1967, her daughter Pina and Pina's son Joseph took over the operation of the restaurant. Pina took on the role of Mrs. Robnio and always made sure that her mother would be proud of her restaurant. Pina enjoyed the daily operations of running a restaurant and worked up until the day she passed away at age 90 in 2004.

We are still a family-owned and operated business! Robin Robino Mabrey, Mrs. Robino's granddaughter, along with Joseph A. Minuti and his sister Andrea Minuti